Courses and workshops for farmers, students and advisers about a range of subject connected to organic or agro-ecological farming and farming methods can be composed on demand.orgANIMprove is experienced in and offers teaching for bachelor-, master-, and PhD-students on organic farming systems, agro-ecology, food security and food sovereignty. We also offer Stable School courses for facilitators and farmers. Different teaching methods are used.
In interactive workshops on animal welfare assessments and antibiotic free farming, farm data can be collected on forehand and be used as benchmarking. Courses for farmers preferably are given on host farms so theory and practice can easily be combined. 
orgANIMprove can compose a course suited for different levels of attendants / students, and with different teaching methods. We need to know about the audience, when you contact us for a course or for teaching, including the level and type of knowledge (are they students? Farmers? Advisors? Or will it be a mixed audience?) Will the teaching be a part of a course with exam at the end or not? For university or post-graduate (PhD) courses, we can give an estimate of the number of hours required, and we can participate in marking assignments and exams, if needed.