Studies based on on-farm data or animal welfare assessments in (organic) herds

Do you need to explore or analyse data from one or more organic dairy herds in order to describe the development over the last years, or to be guided to future efforts? If you have access to good quality data on the farm(s), orgANIMprove can offer to make descriptive statistics or analyses of correlations between different variables within the data. We can also offer analyses of data from various types of welfare assessments in the herds.



We can combine data analyses from farms in a certain farmer group, with facilitating workshops and meetings in the farmer group about the data, which they share and use as basis for a discussion. We have the experience that this can create a very fruitful and development oriented discussion in a farmer group,  because the discussion take the starting point in the farmers’ own data and situations.

Reporting can be provided in Dutch or English.