Stable school

A stable school is a specific type of a farmer group where farmers enter a process over a one-year period in a group of colleagues. The group will in most cases share a common goal, which focuses the work in the group. This goal can be for example phasing out of antibiotics. In the Stable School, the farmers give each other advice on areas decided and selected by the host farmer, and they share knowledge and practical experience in this process. On each farm, the group focuses on two challenges and one success story, selected by the host farmer of each particular meeting. They rotate between farms, and meet every month or second month for half a day. orgANIMprove can facilitate a stable schools. This involves:

- making an agenda for the each meeting, about 2 weeks prior to the meeting, in collaboration with the host farmer for this meeting. This agenda will be sent out to all group members together with key figures from the herd;

- facilitate the visit and the discussions in accordance with the normal procedures of a Stable School meeting, and

- write a report, including the decisions made, after the meeting.

Farmer groups based on the Stable schools approach are the Farmer Field School (FFS) and the Farming Family learning Group (FFLG). Especially the FFLG is used in Global South to use farmers’ knowledge in development of communities. In these groups, permanent collaboration and development of social capital is in the focus.