Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2014 – we start the year with the official web-launch of our company orgANIMprove, with enough work to do, and with many hopes of contributing to improvements of organic farming and food and especially the knowledge and debate around it. When flip-flopping around on this website, you can find out more about services and ways of working. It is no secret that this is not a full-time profitmaking company: a part of our aim is to participate in the current debates and contribute to the development for our own interest, and half of us already have a full time job elsewhere. We have ambitions to bring blogs about current organic food and farming issues which are up in the debate somewhere (Netherlands, Denmark or somewhere else in the world), and which are relevant to our company, and which link to one of our 6 services: advice, facilitation, teaching, research, excursions and talks. So far we just start with wishing everybody with interest in these topics all the best for 2014, and the continuous improvement of and for organic living, thinking, farming and eating. The wheels of the over 120 year old, volluteer driven, multifunctional windmill show how things interweave in a sustainable way: sawing wood, milling grain and pressing oilseeds.