Organizing Stable Schools, courses, and workshops

In orgANIMprove, we have experience in organizing and facilitating all kinds of group work, especially with farmers and students. We can offer facilitation of participatory courses and processes for Stable School groups, farmer network groups and other types of groups. orgANIMprove can also help organizing farm visits and/or excursions to organic farms in the Netherlands. 

Stable schools

A stable school is a specific type of a farmer group where farmers enter a process over a one-year period in a group of colleagues. Farmer groups based on the Stable schools approach are the Farmer Field School (FFS) and the Farming Family learning Group (FFLG). Especially the FFLG is used in Global South to use farmers’ knowledge in development of communities. In these groups, permanent collaboration and development of social capital is in the focus. 

Farmer group meetings  / farmer network groups

In farmer groups and farmer network groups, the farmers can choose to focus their discussion on a common goal or a topic. orgANIMprove can provide guidance.

Participatory courses and workshops

We can organize workshops and courses with strong weight on participation and common development in a class or a group.