The basis for the advice will always be animal health and welfare promotion and prevention of diseases. Avoiding stress in the design of housing and daily management promotes animal health and welfare, and enhances resistance. Stress develops when the circumstances on the farm do not meet the needs of animals. Factors related to housing, diets, daily routines, and external factors like the weather can cause stress. 

We publish general advice and guidance in articles in farmer magazines and in leaflets and on our blog. 

orgANIMprove provides farm specific advice based on the circumstances of the farm, related to animal health and animal welfare in organic farming. In a farm assessment the risk factors and the critical points in connection to health and welfare will appear and will be discussed with the farmer. Housing, feeding, milking, care and treatment are part of the assessment and of the future plan. A written report with the results of the assessment and the plan will be delivered in Dutch or English.