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The basis for the advice will always be the prevention of diseases and promotion of animal welfare. Avoiding stress in housing conditions and in management benefits resistance and keeps animals healthy. Stress develops when circumstances on the farm don’t
All aspects of organic dairy farming, food systems, agro-ecology and group learning can be offered as talks for diverse audiences. We offer talks about technical information and results of research but also more contemplative thoughts about farming system
Courses and workshops for farmers, students and advisers about a range of subject connected to organic or agro-ecological farming and farming methods can be composed on demand.
orgANIMprove is experienced in organizing and facilitating group work with farmers and students. Participatory courses, Stable Schools, farmer family learning groups, farmer network groups can be organized and guided through the whole process.
Research on organic food and farming systems: qualitative interview studies, animal and on-farm based data and literature review.
orgANIMprove can help in organizing farm visits and/or excursions to organic farms in the Netherlands.